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Disc Replication & Media Manufacturing

CD / DVD / BluRay Disc replication comes with 5C offset printing on the disc or silkscreening. Both art for the disc surface and formatted data image files can be uploaded to us via DropBox. Discs are glass mastered / injection molded manufacturing. Min order 500 units.

Clear substrate cds are also available, min order 1000 units, data size 191MB.

USB Manufacturing options include model choice (leather, plastic, metal, pens, mp3 players), silkscreening or engraving, preload of data, and data lock.

Video Panels are LCD Monitors that are built into packaging and come with a USB cable so the video can be customized. Options include additional playability buttons, screen size, and memory.

CD Replication, DVD Replication, Blue Ray Replication
USB Manufacturing, Video Panel Screens

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CD DVD Blue Ray replication includes 5 color offset printing or silkscreening on the disc. Discs are glass mastered, commercial manufacturing. Min order 500 units.
cd replication vinyl disc designdvd replication disc spot glossclear substracte cd replication manufacturingcd dvd replication large quantity

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Metallic Ink Printing gives a very flat, matte result. Many PMS Metallic colors are available - most popular are silver, gold, and copper / bronze. Silver flood printing covers a large area.

usb manufacturing metal plastic swivel type usb manufacturing leather braceletusb manufactruing custom packaging boxcustom die shape usb manufacturing

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Video Screen Boxes, Kiosk Stands, Presentation Folders and Mailers are the latest in delivering your video straight to your client. Retail gift boxes are used for deluxe products, and luxury car dealers often use a box to deliver keys, manual, and instruction video. Companies also make table top display kiosks for lobbies. Educational companies are creating books with programmable video. Presentation Folders / mailers are used to deliver the content right to your client.
video panel box manufacturing custom boxes lcd monitorvideo panel screen box manufacturingvideo lobby kiosk manufacturing table display stand

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