multidisc set packaging cd dvd replication photo gallery

Photos of Slipcase
& Multidisc Sets

Single & Multidisc Slipcase Sets

Check out our slipcase sets!

Slipcase Sets
Photo Gallery

Hardbound Book CD DVD Disc USB Video Photo Gallery

Photos of Books

Coffee Table books w/ discs, 4C,
Fabric, Leather Material

Check out our cd, dvd and vinyl books!

Hardbound Books
Photo Gallery

Custom Digipak Photo Gallery

Photos of Digipaks

Clear, Paper, or Foam Trays
Die Cuts, Foil, Fiberboard

Check out our very unique cd, dvd and usb digipaks!

Photo Gallery

USB Packaging Photo Gallery

USB Photo Gallery

USB Media, Models
Custom USB Packaging

Custom USB packaging - gift boxes, boxes with discs or books, foam trays or wells to hold the USB. many models of usb to choose from; metal, leather, plastic, pen.

Custom USB
Photo Gallery

Special Effects Printing Packaging CD DVD USB Vinyl Video

Special FX Photos

Dies, Foil Stamping, Spot Gloss,
Embossing, Debossing, Matte Lam

Add foiling, embossing or debossing, spot uv gloss / matte lamination, and die cut lettering, windows, shapes to your design. Extras like strings, magnets and velcro available too!

Special Effects Printing
Photo Gallery

Custom box sets CD DVD USB Vinyl Video Photo Gallery

Photos of Box Sets

Rigid Chipboard Boxes
4C, Fabric, Leather Material

Retro LO Vinyl CD Disc Photo Gallery

Retro LP Photos

CD & Vinyl, Retro / Vintage
Blue Note LPS, Box Sets

Check out our LP selection, CD & Vinyl.

Retro LP Vintage Sets
Photo Gallery

Custom Jacket CD DVD Disc Vinyl USB Photo Gallery

Photos of Jackets

Die cut shapes
Matte Uncoated, Fiberboard

Check out our custom cd, dvd and usb jackets!

Custom Jacket
Photo Gallery

Video Screen Photo Gallery

Video Panel Photos

Gift Boxes, Presentation Folders,
Books, Mailers, Lobby Kiosks

Video LCD Panel presentation folders, promo & gift boxes with video in lid, video hardbound books, lobby kiosks, all with video lcd screens built in. Programmable buttons and usb upload.

Video Screen
Photo Gallery

Special Material Photos

Matte Uncoated, Fiberboard,
Kraft, Recycled, Linen, Leather

Choose from some special paper stocks including matte uncoated, art cards, kraft, recycled and fiberboard. Or go with cloth fabric like linen or hemp, or leather vinyl material!

Special Paper Stocks & Materials
Photo Gallery




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