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Types of Multidisc Sets

Multidisc Sets can be packaged in all kinds of ways. Click on the tabs above to see examples of slipcases, boxes, digipaks, books sets, and some fun LPs and portfolios.

Media that we can make for you includes CD & DVD Disc Replication, USB Manufacturing, Video LCD Panel Monitors, and Books. We can also make packaging for other types of media, such as Vinyl records.

multidisc sets packaging slipcases cd dvd discmultidisc sets packaging dvd slipcase 5 dvd casesmultidisc set packaging box set lid multi cd dvdmultidisc sets packaging tall digipak slipcase set cd dvd
multidisc sets packaging cd slipcasesmultidisc set packaging dvd digipak volumes slipcasemultidisc set packaging riveted wallet cd dvdmultidisc leather box set packaging digipaks cd dvd
multidisc box set digipaksmultidisc sets packaging slipcase die cutmultidisc set packaging tall digipak slipcase box setsmultidisc set packaging tall digipak 4 disc slipcase set cd dvd

Click on the tabs above to see examples of the packaging!


Slipcases bundle together items. They go over items like multivolume jackets or digipaks, and sometimes companion books. They are usually a printed paper stock and collapsible. We can make them in any size and shape, but 5 inch, 7 inch, and 10 inch heights are super popular. Die options include notches, tube or one wall open styles, die cut lettering, shapes or window cut outs. Construction can be single wall or double wall.

multidisc sets slipcase packagingmultidisc sets slipcase packaging tall dvd multidisc sets slipcase packaging 10 inch 4 disc setmultidisc sets slipcase packaging die cut lettering

For more information on features and options,
check out our Slipcase Set Product Page

and view more photos on our Slipcase Set Photo Gallery

Box Sets in this context are going to be defined as rigid, non collapsible, chipboard core material boxes. They can be wrapped with a printed 4C paper and laminated, or wrapped with fabric or leather vinyl. Dimensions, as always, are customizable.

multidisc sets box packaging boxes leather vinyl material wrapmultidisc sets box packaging fabric wrapped box sets deluxe cd vinyl
multidisc sets packaging chipboard rigid stock top loadingmultidisc sets box packaging oversized 2 cd discs pul out sleeve book

For more information on features and options,
Check out our Multidisc Box Set Product Page
and see more photos on our Box Set Photo Gallery

Digipaks come in many shapes and sizes, but are usually defined by the tray size, which is either 5inch or 7inch. We can do some really fun configurations with those though, as you'll see! Trays are available in plastic, 100% recycled paper, or can be made with foam.
multidisc sets packaging digipak dvd set paper tray fiberboardmultidisc digipak cross shape 4disc set boxmultidisc set packaging multi volume digipaksmultidisc sets packaging digipak fiberboard spot gloss

For more information on features and options,
Check out our Multidisc Digipak Product Page
and see more photos on our Digipak Photo Gallery

Hardbound books are made with a construction technique called book binding. We start with a rigid chipboard core material and wrap it either with a printed paper wrap, fabric, or material like leather vinyl.
multidisc set packaging  book dvd digi book 2 disc double swinging sleevemultidisc sets packaging dvd digi book 4 disc set double disc trays multidisc set packaging book vinyl size two cds double disc foam multidisc sets packaging book double disc sleeve pockets

For more information on features and options,
Check out our Multidisc Book Product Page
and see more photos on our Hardbound Book Photo Gallery

We can make a jacket in just about any size for you and to hold anywhere from 1 to 24 or so discs. Jackets can use pockets or sleeves, can be a riveted wallet, and can be multi-volume or single set packaging to hold all the discs.
multidisc set packaging jacket 4disc set tall pockets bookletsmultidisc sets packaging wallet rivetted pocket sleeves accordian multidisc set packaging jacket set slipcase volumes foam hub book multidisc sets packaging box set with jackets

For more information on features and options,
Check out our Multidisc Jacket Product Page
and see more photos on our Custom Jackets Photo Gallery

We can absolutely make LPs for CDs or Vinyl Records or combination sets using the retro style book binding construction (a wrapped rigid chipboard core) - you'll love them. Foam panels can also be built in to hold usb's or cassettes!
multidisc book 12 inch 2 disc 3 discoversized vinyl height recordmultidisc LP record vinyl album sleeves Double LP retro style cd multidisc fabric cd book swinging sleeve

For more information on features and options,
Check out our Multidisc Vintage Retro Set Product Page
and see more photos on our Vintage Retro Photo Gallery

Portfolios often hold multiple discs / media and something else - a notebook, business cards, art cards etc. They can be made to hold whatever you need.
multidisc portfolio casetall multidisc folders portfolios 9x12inch
multidisc cd portfolio dvd case 5disc setmultidisc portfolio folder 8.5 x 11 inch notebook




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