Hardbound CD DVD Books with Hubs

Types & Features of Hardbound Books with Hubs

Hardbound books can be made with hubs, either foam or cork

Foam Hubs can be:

  • Made of a black matte paper (often matches inner wrap)
  • Fully printed 4C
  • Solid or with a die cut center hole or thumbnotch at top
  • Glued to front or back panel

Swinging sleeves:

  • Part of the inner pages but a thicker material
  • Can hold 1 or 2 discs, or a booklet or photos
  • Can be a solid sleeve, or with a die cut center, or with a top thumbnotch
  • Available printed or solid color paper

Hardbound Book Construction:

  • Heavy chipboard core material (thick coffee table book or textbook)
  • Outside wrap can be 4C Printed 120gsm wrap, glued and laminated in place
  • Outside wrap can also be linen or hemp fabric, or leather vinyl material
  • Inside wrap can be 4C or a solid kraft paper
  • Inner Pages are either attached to the wrap at the spine if lightweight (<16pp)
    or one panel is glued to the book for stability if it is a larger size

Slipcases can also be made.

Examples of Hardbound Books with Sleeves:

hardbound books dvd double disc set swinging sleeve  customdvd swinging sleeve dvd book double disc cd dvd book swinging sleeve linen wrap
swinging sleeve cd dvd book packagingcd book double cd sleeves glued on sleevescd book glued on sleeve top loading black kraft paper

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Books with Hubs

Books with Hubs

  • Foam Hubs, available black or whitte

  • Cork Hubs

Examples of Books with Hubs
cd books gold foil stamping cd hardbound books hubs double disc packagingcd book foam hubs double disc packagingcd book foam hub packagingcd book hardbound packaging cd hubs double disccd book closeup spine width wrapping and booklet attachment to spine areacd book spine closeup top viewhardbound cd book closeup spine booklet material wraphardbound cd book two disc set foam hubs inner pages bookletcd dvd hardbound books foam hub 2 disc set2 cd book foam hubs inner pagescd book hard cover 2 cd set foam hubscd book cork hub hardboundhardbound book cork hub disc


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